The Bioanalysis Core Online

The Bioanalysis Core works with research groups across the Department and also supports a number of clinical studies.

Flow cytometry can determine how actively the cell is growing, how intimate processes are proceeding, whether any abnormalities are occurring, and if necessary isolate a population of interest for further study. The flow cytometry laboratory consists of three flow cytometers and a cell sorter.

The HPLC laboratory operates as a controlled access facility in order to allow the maintenance of GCP standards required for clinical studies. It is used for determination of cellular metabolites, and to measure the distribution of drugs in blood and tissues (pharmacokinetics) in clinical trials. New analytical methods are developed as required, and we also offer expertise in drug formulation and stability studies, and to confirm compound identity. There are three HPLC systems with coupled mass spectrometry, and a fourth HPLC offers alternative detection techniques.

Proteomics studies proteins on a large scale. Proteins are vital to living organisms and their multi-functional characteristics act as potential targets for drug therapies. Therefore, proteomics can be used for biomarker and target discovery, drug profiling and target validation.

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