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Days by the sea – a weekend of chocolate and radiotherapy
Blog posted by: Martin Christlieb Starting a conversation with strangers can be difficult at the best of times.  Starting a conversation on the subject of cancer and radiotherapy is even more so.  Engaging people on such subjects means catching their imagination, and fast. Setting a puzzle is an...
Cancer en francais?
Blog posted by: Martin Christlieb On 25 January, I met a group of people whose lives have been touched by cancer.  Patients and their relatives whose world had been turned upside down by a disease that will affect nearly half of us. Cancer is terrible.  It threatens our lives and the resulting...
Cancer communications and causing traffic jams
Blog posted by: Martin Christlieb Francesca Buffa has been awarded a five-year grant by the European Research Council (ERC) to develop computer simulations to personalise cancer treatment and prevent drug resistance. We increasingly understand which parts of a cell have gone wrong and make it...
A long and fateful journey
Blog posted by: Martin Christlieb What could be worse than cancer? Cancer that has spread. The average survival across all cancer types is about 50%. Most of the failures will occur in people whose tumours have spread (metastasised). How does a tumour spread? If we knew the answer to that we would...
Wriggling worms and migrating cancer
Blog posted by: Martin Christlieb An article by Dr Mark Hill of the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology and Prof Aziz Aboobaker of the Department of Zoology has been selected as the cover article of the October Issue of Development.  The article describes a collaborative project to study the...
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