MR safe table & stacked 35mm cell culture dishes

An MR safe table

The Mechanical Workshop was approached by a Lecturer in Clinical Neurology who was studying movement preparation to handled objects. We were asked if we could come up with an MR safe table that incorporated some pressure-activated micro switches. After the initial consultation and a few rough sketches we produced a design for the client to approve. Once the design had the seal of approval, engineering drawings were produced so that manufacturing could begin.

Design model

Engineering drawing

Final product


Stacked 35mm cell culture dishes

The Mechanical Workshop was approached by a researcher who had been working on a project to perform clonogenics experiments using a stack of 35mm cell culture dishes. The project required an experimental setup and the researcher did not know if it was possible to get such a setup made. The researcher had a set of restrictions and a basic drawing and sought our input into feasibility.



Using the latest CAD modelling software we werwe are able to quickly design the experimental system for client approval; this helped to reduce costs by saving time, money and use of unnecessary parts and materials.


We were thus able to move quickly and cost effectively from concept to CAD model to finished product.

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