Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy

Coming Soon to The Microscopy Core!

The Microscopy Core will soon be taking delivery of it's first spinning disk confocal microscope, an Andor Dragonfly, this will also be the first and currently only Dragonfly microscope in the University of Oxford.

Based around the new Nikon Eclipse Ti2 inverted microscope our Dragonfly system will boast the latest version of Nikon's Pefect Focus System, piezo z-stage, temperature and CO2 controlled incubation, twin Andor Zyla sCMOS cameras, 4 excitation line (405, 488, 561 and 637nm) and real-time deconvolution.

Available objectives will include: 10x/0.45 Air, 20x/0.75 Air, 20x/0.75 Multi-immersion, 40x/1.30 Oil, 60x/1.49 Oil and 100x/1.45 Oil (by request).

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