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The Department of Oncology has an established, world-leading graduate training programme. As part of this, science graduates and clinical research fellows may enrol in one of our taught MSc courses, or apply to undertake research leading to an MSc by Research or to a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) through one of our two DPhil courses. These courses are a critical element in our drive to revolutionise radiation oncology and cancer research in the UK, to make advances in radiation biology, and to translate these into improved clinical outcomes for cancer patients.

We are a large multidisciplinary department which excels in a wide range of research areas spanning basic science to translational research and clinical trials. The department is also home to the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, whose mission is to explore aspects of radiation biology research that could yield new advances in the treatment of cancer. As a result, our graduates come from a wide range of scientific backgrounds including biology, medicine, engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Graduate study with us offers the opportunity for students to work with leading scientists in their field and access a comprehensive portfolio of personal and professional skills development. This training excellence gives our students a strong foundation to pursue prestigious scientific or industry-related careers.

The Department of Oncology runs a taught MSc in Radiation Biology and contributes to the part-...


The MSc by Research in Oncology is a research degree lasting up to 3 years. It is not a...


The Department of Oncology offers to science graduates and clinical research fellows the...

Our funded DPhil positions for start in October 2017 have now been allocated. If you are interested in pursuing a DPhil with us please contact the Group Head from the Research Groups you are interested in joining and ask if they have a project and are willing to support your application.

Application Procedure for Students

How to apply as a prospective new student or for readmission as a continuing Oxford graduate student.

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We aim to enhance clinical and basic cancer research in Oxford with the ultimate goal of increasing cancer cure rates.
In Oxford, we have a great wealth of broad-ranging expertise and a powerful network of cancer researchers.
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Our graduate training programmes for both scientists and clinicians are internationally recognised.