Preclinical Validation Core

Frances Willenbrock, Lead Scientist

The Preclinical Validation Core has been established to meet the need for rapid translation of key aspects of basic science to the clinic.


Research Summary

We work with clinicians and scientists to generate in vitro and in vivo data necessary to validate concepts emerging from basic research, and to optimise the design of in-house clinical trials. We assist in planning appropriate project proposals for further preclinical and clinical studies.

The in vitro part of the lab is managed by Dr Frances Willenbrock.  We have access to large panels of cell lines and are committed to a comprehensive range of techniques including primary and 3D cell culture, which may more accurately predict clinical outcome.

In vivo work is directed by Dr John Moore and builds upon in vitro results, focusing on new approaches for treating cancers using novel drug therapies as well as combinations with previously established drugs or radiotherapy.

The Preclinical Validation Core is embedded within the laboratories of Dr Valentine Macaulay and Dr Anderson Ryan in the Department of Oncology.


Frances Willenbrock joined the Department of Oncology in 2014 and previously held a Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellowship at the CRUK London Research Institute.

John Moore completed his PhD at the University of York and joined the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology in 2014.

Associated Researchers

Group Members

Marcus Green, Research Assistant
John Moore, Postdoctoral Researcher

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