Chief Investigator: 
Prof Somnath Mukherjee

Cytosponge™ for post‐chemoradiation surveillance of oesophageal cancer

Full title: Evaluation of a Non‐Endoscopic Immunocytological Device (Cytosponge™) for post chemo‐radiotherapy surveillance in patients with oesophageal cancer – a feasibility study

Sponsor: University of Oxford



This is a feasibility study involving patients with known oesophageal cancer treated with pre‐ perative or definitive chemoradiation. All participants will undertake the Cytosponge™ test. The Cytosponge™ will be processed for evidence of residual cancer through analysis of cellular atypia and molecular biomarkers. Where available, the results will be compared with histology.


Patients who have undergone Chemoradiotherapy for oesophageal cancer


In set-up

Target recruitment: 50 evaluable patients


In set-up

  • Churchill Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals Trust
  • Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Christie NHS Foundation Trust (Manchester)
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
  • Velindre Hospital (Cardiff)
  • Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Glan Clwyd Hospital (Rhyl)
  • Wrexham Maelor Hospital
  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust (Liverpool)
  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust




  1. Assessment of completion rate of Cytosponge™ as a diagnostic test post chemo-radiotherapy
  2. Assessment of safety of Cytosponge™ as a diagnostic test post chemo‐radiotherapy
  3. Assessment of patient acceptability of Cytosponge™ as a diagnostic test post chemo‐radiotherapy
  4. Assessment of suitability of Cytosponge™ sample for biomarker analysis
  5. Evaluation of ctDNA and other circulatory markers in assessment of residual disease post CRT
  6. Evaluation of the comparative efficacy of Cytosponge™ and post‐treatment biopsy in identifying residual cancer, p53 mutations & other identifiable markers in pre-treatment biopsy sample


Data submission for this trial is via electronic submission of data in OpenClinica

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