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Maryam Alkadhimi is a DPhil student in Anderson Ryan’s lab.

Here, Maryam tells us about her research, what inspires her and how she really enjoys working in the lab!




Fiona Bangs is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Eric O’Neill’s lab.

In this interview Fiona tells us about her research on primary cilia in pancreatic cancer, touches on the challenges involved and talks about why studying pancreatic cancer is important for improving patient survival.

BSc, FRCP, PhD Sarah Blagden - Professor of Experimental OncologySarah Blagden is Associate Professor of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics in the Department of Oncology, the Director of Early Phase Cancer Trials Unit and Oxford ECME Lead.

Sarah is also the Academic Lead for Athena SWAN in Oncology; in this interview, she explains what Athena SWAN actually is and how it supports the Department to review and improve working practices for staff and students.

GregBlow5.JPGGreg Blow is an IT Officer in the Oncology IT Team.

In this interview, Greg gives an insight into the team and his responsibility for specific software, outlines what a 'typical' day looks like and talks a bit about his career path so far.

PhD Francesca Buffa - Honorary Researcher

Francesca Buffa is Associate Professor of Computational Biology and Integrative Genomics in the Department of Oncology, the Academic Lead of the Bioinformatics Hub and the recipient of a European Research Council Award.

In this interview she gives us an insight into her research and explains how this translates into strategies that can be used to tackle treatment resistance.


Luana Campos Soares is a DPhil student in Eric O’Neill’s lab in collaboration with Francis Szele (DPAG).

Here, Luana talks about her research project and the challenges involved, gives us an insight into her international career journey so far, and discusses her love for teaching and her experience of tutoring for the UNIQ programme. 


Maria Chatzifrangkeskou is a postdoctoral researcher in Eric O’Neill’s lab and recently won the Departmental Early Career Researcher Prize.

As well as talking about her research interests and sharing her career path so far, Maria also discusses some of the challenges of working in science, how working in the lab is both intriguing and exhausting, and tells us what keeps her motivated.

Martin Christlieb

Martin Christlieb is the Oncology Public Engagement Manager.

In this interview, Martin talks about Public Engagement, what his job involves and gives an insight into the Public Engagement Ambassador Scheme. He also reveals how life outside of work has led to some pretty epic adventures!


David Clynes is a group leader who has been awarded with a 'Children with Cancer UK Paul O'Gorman Research Fellowship'.

In this interview, David gives us an insight into his current research on the ALT Pathway and explains how his lab hope to shed new light on strategies that can be used to understand and treat cancers that are currently incurable.


Steve Davis is a Trial Manager in the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO).

Here, Steve gives us an insight into his role, talks about his career path moving from research labs into clinical trials, discusses his motivation to be part of Athena SWAN and tells us about life outside of work.


Ben Dean is the Executive Officer (Operations).

In this interview, Ben talks about his background, what his role involves and tells us about his cricket obsessions... 



Laura Diez.jpg

Laura Diez is the Project Manager for RadNet Oxford

In this interview, Laura talks about her previous experience in science and her initial thoughts about Oxford! 





Amy Elliott is a research assistant in the Radiation Biophysics Core.

In this interview, Amy explains her role and how she enjoys getting involved with Public Engagement to introduce people to the vast subject that physics is, and to show school children the range of careers in science and boost their confidence in science and mathematics.  


Maxine_Gaunlett_.jpgMaxine Gauntlett is a Clinical Trial Administrator in the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO) and the Department’s newest Harassment Advisor.

In this interview, Maxine talks about life as a Clinical Trial Administrator, gives us an insight into her career path and discusses her motivations to train as a Harassment Advisor.


FlorianGroelly2.pngFlorian Groelly is a DPhil student in Madalena Tarsounas lab and has just been elected as one of the student representatives.

In this interview, Florian gives an overview of his research, tells us about one of his greatest achievements so far, and talks about his ambitions as a student rep.


Anne-Marie Honeyman-Tafa

Anne-Marie Honeyman-Tafa is an Executive Assistant based in the RRI. 

In this interview, Anne-Marie gives us an insight into the many different aspects of her role working with three PIs, talks about her career path so far, and tells us what she would do if money was no object…   



Dan Hughes is a Clinical Research Training Fellow in Eric O’Neill’s lab.

Here, Dan talks to us about creating pancreatic cancer avatars, how the aim for pancreatic cancer treatment would be to move towards a more personalised treatment strategy and discusses the interlink between clinical work and research.


JaneJohnson2.jpgJane Johnson is the Research Training and Development Manager for the Department of Oncology.

In this interview, Jane tells us more about her varied role, provides an insight into the Graduate Studies Office and shares her love of the coast, be it Liverpool or Barbados!



Simone Lanfredini is a postdoctoral researcher in Eric O’Neill’s lab.

Simone gives an overview of his research exploring the influence radiotherapy and immunotherapy may have on pancreatic tumour progression and talks about the collaborative aspects of his work.  


JamesLarkin2.JPGJames Larkin is a postdoctoral researcher in the Sibson Lab.

As well as talking about his current work with MRI and metabolomics, James gives an insight into his teaching role, tells us how a willingness to take advantage of new opportunities has supported his career and reveals what he does for fun...

Val MacaulayVal Macaulay is a Clinical Group Leader, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology.

In this interview, Val tells us about her research and why it matters, provides an insight into why resilience is important in her career, and discusses her role as a Department Harassment Advisor.  

Mahon Maguire

Mahon Maguire has recently joined the Department as the Head of Pre-clinical Imaging,

In this '60 seconds with...', Mahon gives us his career highlights, his future plans for the unit and how his team can help with world-leading imaging research.



 Daniel McAleese (3).jpgDaniel McAleese is a Clinical Trial Support Officer in the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO).

In this interview, Dan not only gives us an insight into his work and the role of OCTO, but also tells us about how his presentation at the Ashmolean's Spellbound exhibition got people thinking about the similarities between science and sorcery!


Eui Jung Moon.jpg

Eui Jung Moon is a Group Leader in Radiation Biology and the tumour microenvironment.

Here, Eui Jung tells us about her research and the importance of collaboration. She also shares some advice about developing a career in Oncology.


Katie M

Katie Morrison  is the Departmental Safety Officer (DSO).

In this interview, Katie tells us about her role as DSO, provides a brief overview of the Facilities team, and gives us an insight into her career journey - from obtaining a degree in Genetics and Biochemistry, to working as a Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer, to Research Assistant and Lab Manager, and presently, DSO. 

Isar Nassiri

Isar Nassiri is a postdoctoral researcher in Ben Fairfax’s lab.

In this interview, Isar gives an insight into his work using the latest genomics technologies, touches on some of the challenges involved, and talks about his career and some of his achievements so far.



Monica Olcina del Molino.jpg

Monica Olcina is a Group Leader in Immune Radiation Biology.

In this 60 seconds with..., Monica lays out the importance of constantly evolving radiotherapeutic techniques, as well as what has changed in the Department since she studied here!



CharlotteParish2.jpgCharlotte Parish is an Apprentice in the Department, working towards an NVQ in Business Administration.

In this interview, Charlotte tells us her reasons for choosing this career path and why she enjoys the variety her role provides.


jackie p_n (002).jpgJackie Parker is an Accounts Officer in the P2P Team in Finance.

In this interview, Jackie provides an overview of her busy role and shares her passion for Public Engagament and the driving force behind it.


SarahPearsonOCTO2.jpgSarah Pearson is the Trial Management Director in the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO).

In this interview, Sarah describes her job and why there is never a dull day, sheds light on the backgrounds of the OCTO team, gives us an insight into her career motivations and reveals how her sporty children keep her on her toes!


KristofferPetersson2.jpgKristoffer Petersson is a new MRC Group Leader.

In this interview, Kristoffer tells us about his research in FLASH radiation and the benefits and challenges involved, gives an overview of his career path to becoming a Group Leader, and talks about life outside of work. 



JohnPrenticeMW2.jpgJohn Prentice is the Workshop Manager in the Mechanical Workshop.

As well as discovering the remarkable work of the Workshop Team, this interview also highlights John's career journey so far, his love of bike riding and running, and reveals some amazing personal achievements.


TimoR2.jpgTimo Reislander is a DPhil student in Madalena Tarsounas lab.

Here, Timo talks about his research on the breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 and the importance of this work. Having just submitted his thesis, Timo also offers some personal advice about the process and tells us about his life outside of work.

Morag Rose and Marian Taylor.jpg

Morag Rose and Marian Taylor head up the Department's Data and Information Governance plan.  

Here, Morag and Marian talk to us of the importance of Information Governance and what we can do to make sure we are all doing our part in successful information management.

 SarahStone2.jpgSarah Stone is a HR Assistant within our Human Resources Team.

In this interview, Sarah gives an insight into her role and tells us what is at the top of her to-do list.




Asmita Thapa is a DPhil student in Eric O’Neill’s lab.

Asmita gives us an overview of her research on molecular mechanisms in Pancreatic Adenocarcinomas, discusses how her work may be beneficial for earlier detection of this cancer and talks about life in the lab.  

WilliamTaverner2.pngWill Taverner is a DPhil student in Len Seymour's lab.

In this interview, Will explains his research and tells us about his recent presentation at a conference in Mexico.



Linda van B

Linda van Bijsterveldt is a DPhil student in Tim Humphrey's lab.

In this interview, Linda outlines her research, talks about the reasons for her interest in cancer, and shares her amazing achievement of being a part of the crew in The Women's Boat Race. 



MichaelYoudellCC2.jpgMichael Youdell is the Director of Translational Research Infrastructure for the Cancer Centre, Oxford. In his first interview, Michael gives us an insight into the importance of his team's work and explains why he volunteered to be a Harassment Advisor.

In his second interview, Michael goes into more detail about the importance of having anti-bullying and harassment advisors in the University, and how B&H advisors are on hand to support everyone in the Department.


Annabelle Ziegler

Annabelle Ziegler has recently joined the Department as part of the Admin Support Team. In this '60 seconds with...', Annabelle highlights the ways the Admin Support Team helps Oncology staff on a daily basis, and gives a view of the UK through antipodean eyes!