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Laura Diez.jpg

Laura joined the Department at the end of 2023 as the Project Manager for the RadNet Oxford consortium team. In this interview, Laura talks about her background, what her current role involves and what she thinks about the town!

Summarise your role in 30 words

I am the RadNet project manager. I am involved in coordinating day-to-day activities of the RadNet group, and overseeing operational matters such as reporting and financial management.

What is the RadNet consortium and how are Oxford involved?

CRUK RadNet is a network of seven centres focused on research in radiobiology and radiation oncology. Oxford is one of the RadNet centres.

Tell us a bit about where you've come from and what you did before you joined Oncology?

Prior to joining Oncology, I did a MSc in Translational Oncology in Trinity College Dublin. Before that, I did a BSc in Food Science in University College Cork. I also worked in Merck for 6 months on an expansion project where pembrolizumab and HPV vaccine were produced.

What are your impressions of Oxford and the University since arriving here?

Oxford is a lovely city and I have found people to be really friendly. I think the University lives up to its reputation and it is great to be immersed in a department that is producing ground-breaking research.

Do you have any advice for someone considering a position in research project management?

There is a wealth of knowledge in the University and there is opportunity to learn from people with a broad range of backgrounds and experience. I would advise speaking to people in various roles to expand understanding of the field and gain as much knowledge as possible.