'Hospital Hero' Nomination for Department of Oncology Oncologist

Dr Rebecca Muirhead, a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Department of Oncology, University of Oxford, has been nominated as a ‘Hospital Hero’, by one of her patients, who is receiving treatment for bowel cancer.

Dr Rebecca Muirhead

The award is bestowed by the Oxford Mail who has teamed up with the Oxford University Hospitals Trust to honour one outstanding individual and team from the authority. Dr Muirhead was described as “caring, professional, has a wonderful personality and is very helpful.”

Dr Muirhead joined the Department of Oncology in 2014 as a Clinical Career Development Fellow working in the Advanced Radiotherapy Oncology Group, led by Dr Maria Hawkins. She has led the implementation of novel radiotherapy techniques in the clinic in order to incorporate cutting edge radiotherapy into Oxford based trials. Her areas of expertise are lower gastrointestinal cancer and she is interested in individualising radiotherapy treatment according to the biology, site and size of the tumour with the aim of reducing the significant toxicity while improving cure rates. She is leading an imaging trial in anal cancer that aims to investigate the use of images to individualise treatment. She also co-ordinates the team of NHS and University staff from Oxford, which is mentoring centres from around the UK in a novel form of radiotherapy in anal cancer prior to a national anal cancer trial, ACT 3/4. The ACT 3/4 study will test different doses of radiotherapy delivered using this novel technique.

Winners of the award will be announced in December. Visit the Oxford Mail website to read the full article.

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