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CORE A: Preclinical and Small Animal imaging

The Preclinical and Small Animal Imaging Core will help obtain the necessary package of data from in vitro, in vivo and human tumour specimens to warrant the development of drug development programmes or clinical studies exploiting new OIRO discoveries.

CORE B: Proteomics

MRC OIRO has access to a state-of-the-art proteomics platform at the Target Discovery Institute (TDI) / Centre for Medicines Discovery (CMD) within the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM). The Kessler group has previously collaborated with MRC/Oncology PIs to unravel molecular insights underpinning cellular alterations caused by IR and DNA damaging agents, resulting in >40 joint publications and is a valued collaborator in using this core.

CORE C: Radiation Biophysics

The Radiation Biophysics facility's main role is to provide and support a wide range of radiation resources to facilitate the research of the Institute along with the development of novel radiation sources and techniques, typically designed and constructed in-house.

CRUK RADNet: FLASH Radiation

FLASH radiation is a novel radiotherapy technique that show great potential in improving cancer treatment. However, very little is known about the biological mechanisms behind the highly beneficial FLASH effect. The FLASH team aims to identify these mechanisms, explain the effect, and to find the optimal way of implementing the technique in clinical practice.