Postdoctoral Researcher in Cell Biology and Precision Engineering

We are seeking an outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher to join Professor Seymour’s gene therapy research group in the Department of Oncology. This appointment, funded by Innovate UK, will embody a dynamic collaboration between scientists at the University of Oxford (led by Professor Seymour) and Oxford Genetics Ltd (under leadership of the Chief Technology Officer, by Dr Tom Payne).

Postdoctoral Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physicist/Spectroscopist

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers a wide range of functional as well as biological information that is crucial for clinical trials in oncology. An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Postdoctoral Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physicist/Spectroscopist with significant training and experience in MR spectroscopy who will work with University and Radiology researchers to provide support for a range of clinical trials in MRI with a focus on spectroscopy and CEST imaging studies.

Cancer Research-UK Oxford Centre Training Project Manager

Cancer research at Oxford University is spread across the City with departments in the central Science Area, the Old Road Campus, the John Radcliffe Hospital, the Churchill Hospital and Commercial Science Parks. This combined expertise contributes to our efforts to increase cancer cure rates. The Cancer Research-UK Oxford Centre is committed to ensuring that the breadth and depth of this expertise is harnessed through multi-disciplinary collaborative projects.

Research Assistant in Functional Genomics

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Research Assistant in Functional Genomics, working under the direct supervision of Dr Benjamin Fairfax, who has extensive experience in functional genomics and the recruitment of healthy volunteers and patients from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. This is research programme with three complementary themes: genomic and transcriptomic predictors of response to cancer immunotherapy; eQTL analyses with specific reference to cell type and environment; DNA methylation across conditions.


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