Ester Hammond Receives 2015 Michael Fry Research Award

Ester Hammond is the recipient of the 2015 Michael Fry Research Award from the Radiation Research Society.

Ester is a CRUK Group Leader and Associate Professor in the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology. Her research is focused on investigating how tumours survive in conditions which include low oxygen (hypoxia), with the aim of targeting the hypoxic parts of tumours to improve cancer therapy.

Anne Kiltie Wins Flame of Hope Award

Anne Kiltie has won the Research Engagement Award in the 2015 Cancer Research UK Flame of Hope Awards.

The awards are bestowed annually by Cancer Research UK to honour and celebrate the outstanding achievements of their truly inspiring supporters. Anne’s exciting research into bladder cancer has formed part of an ongoing CRUK Citizen Science Project, in which a mobile game ‘Reverse the Odds’ has been developed. The game, where members of the general public analyse research results, has been a huge hit, with nearly 3.5 million slides having been analysed to date.


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