Sponsor: University of Oxford
EudraCT number: 2011-002545-35

A randomised phase 2 study of paclitaxel with or without GSK1120212 or pazopanib in advanced wt BRAF melanoma


To evaluate, in a randomised phase 2 study, the efficacy of paclitaxel with or without the MEK inhibitor GSK1120212 (of which the most tolerable dose has been confirmed) or pazopanib in wild type BRAF metastatic melanoma, stratifying for NRAS mutation status.


Sponsor: University of Oxford

A Single-Centre Prospective Phase 0 Translational Study for Predicting Response of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancers to Paclitaxel Chemotherapy

Aim and Design

The aim of the OXO-PCR-01 trial is to improve understanding of the causes of chemotherapy resistance in patients with ovarian cancer.

There are two study groups -


Sponsor: University of Oxford
EudraCT number: 2014-000463-40  

A Sequential Phase I study of MEK 1/2 inhibitors PD-0325901 or Binimetinib combined with cMET inhibitor PF-02341066 in Patients with RAS Mutant and RAS Wild Type (with aberrant c-MET) Colorectal Cancer

Study Status

Opened to recruitment: since November 2014. (Temporarily closed Dec2015 - July2016 due to change in IMP combination)
Recruitment re-started July 2016.


GCP Laboratories

The goal of the Oxford Experimental Cancer Medicine (ECMC) GCP laboratories is to accelerate the development of new cancer treatments by establishing validated assays for cancer biomarkers that can be used to evaluate clinical utility.


Sponsor: University of Oxford

Study Status

Target recruitment: Approx. 40 patients

Recruitment Period: 18 months from November 2014

Trial Treatment

Patients are allocated to one of three treatment arms

All patients either have surgery or a biopsy before and after six weeks exposure to either mifamurtide alone, Ifosfamide alone, or mifamurtide combined with Ifosfamide. Further treatment to a maximum of 36 or 42 weeks in total, with all patients being able to receive 36 weeks of mifamurtide treatment.


​Sponsor: University of Oxford
EudraCT number: 2012-000616-28

Eurosarc Trial of Linsitinib in advanced Ewing Sarcoma

Study Status

Closed to recruitment

This is a multi-centre, single arm Phase II study, utilising Bayesian analysis


Sponsor: University of Oxford
EudraCT number: 2011-003169-13

A Phase I dose-escalating and safety study of AZD8931 in combination with Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine chemotherapy in patients with Oesophago-gastric adenocarcinoma

Further information about this trial can be found on the CRUK website.


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