Sponsor: University of Oxford
EudraCT number: 2009-016846-16

To determine the response rates and toxicity of 6MP with low dose methotrexate in patients with breast, ovarian, fallopian tube or primary serous peritoneal cancer who are known to have a BRCA mutation.

A Phase II Clinical trial in patients with known BRCA Defective Tumours.


Sponsor: University of Oxford
Funded by: Cancer Research UK


Follow up of FOXFIRE patients and final database lock are now complete. Thank you to all sites for their support in reaching these milestones. 2017 will be an exciting year as the results of the study are analysed, presented and published.


EudraCT number: 2010-020621-40
Sponsor: University of Oxford
Funded by: Oxford Biomedical Research Centre

A Phase II Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Study Of Nelfinavir Addition to Radiotherapy Treatment In Neo-Adjuvant Therapy for Rectal Cancer.

The chief aim of the trial is to investigate the safety and the activity of the radiosensitising drug, Nelfinavir, administered before and during radiotherapy in patients with rectal carcinoma.


EudraCT number: 2004-003836-77
Sponsor: University of Oxford
Funded by: Cancer Research UK
Esomeprazole supplied by: Astra Zeneca


Whole Brain Radiotherapy following local treatment of intracranial metastases of melanoma – A randomised Phase III trial. 

The study has received a favourable opinion from ethics.

To determine the effect of adding WBRT to local treatment on distant intracranial control (primary), quality of life (QoL), performance status, neurocognitive function (NCF) and overall survival.

Study Status

Open to recruitment

Number of active sites: 9
Target recruitment: 200 (20 patients in the UK)


Sponsor: University of Oxford
EudraCT number: 2014-000514-61

A Proof of Concept Study to Investigate the Feasibility of Targeted Release of Doxorubicin from Lyso-thermosensitive Liposomal (LTSL) Doxorubicin (ThermoDox®) Using Focused Ultrasound in Patients with Primary or Secondary Liver Tumours.


​Sponsor: University of Oxford
ClinicalTrials.gov Number: NCT02308722
UKCRN ID: 18496

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) pre-operatively for pancreatic cancer: A Phase I trial of pre-operative, margin intensive, stereotactic body radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer.

Study Design

Phase I rolling six design dose escalation study testing the use of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) delivered in the pre-operative setting for pancreatic cancers.


Sponsor: University of Oxford
Funded by: CRUK EPSRC Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre

RHYTHM-I: modulation of Radiotherapy according to HYpoxia: exploiting changes in the Tumour Microenvironment to improve outcome in rectal cancer

Study Status

Closed to recruitment

Many thanks to the trial team at the Churchill Hospital for their efforts during the trial.

This is a single-centre study at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford.

Target recruitment: 15 patients (5 in Group A and 10 in Group B)


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