Anne Kiltie

We are investigating DNA damage signalling and repair factors in bladder cancer to develop new radiotherapy-based treatments and to identify markers to select the most suitable treatments for individual patients.

Fergus Gleeson

Our group focuses on using imaging techniques in small-scale trials with the particular ambitions of improving the mechanisms of data analysis and correlating the imaging data provided with histology and treatment outcomes.

Tim Maughan

We aim to deliver a step change in the effectiveness of radiotherapy through the evaluation of novel scientific approaches derived from the Institute's scientists in hypothesis driven clinical trials.

Maria Hawkins

Personalising gastro-intestinal cancers radiotherapy: the ultimate aim of the research of my group is to maximise clinical benefit in terms of better tumour control and reduction in toxicity after radiotherapy to enhance life expectancy of the patients.

Boris Vojnovic

Our work focuses on the application of novel imaging modalities and on the development of radiation delivery methods. Both of these are dependent on a range of interrelated technologies.


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