Nikon TE2000-E

Location: ORCRB

Stand: Nikon TE2000-E - Invert

Objectives (Mag./NA): 4x/0.13 Air, 10x/0.3 Air, 20x/0.45 Air and 40x/0.6 Air.

Lamp: CoolLED pE-300W white light source.

Excitation: CoolLED pE-300W with general “blue”, “green” and “red” excitation.

Emission: Filters for 435 – 485 nm, 460 – 500 nm, 515 – 555 nm and 590 + nm.

Detectors: Hamamatsu Orca ER CCD with 1344 x 1024 pixels and peak QE of 72% at 580 nm.

Software: NIS Elements Advanced Research

Accessories: Temperature and CO2 (on request) controlled incubation and Prior ProScan III motorised shutter and stage.


Used for: Live-cell time-lapse studies (back-up for Nikon Ti-E) and fixed samples. Phase-contrast available.

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