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Group velocity dispersion (GVD) and pulse front distortion of ultrashort pulses are of critical importance in efficient multiphoton excitation microscopy. Since measurement of the pulse front distortion due to a lens is not trivial we have developed an imaging interferometric cross-correlator which allows us to measure temporal delays and pulse-widths across the spatial profile of the beam. The instrument consists of a modified Michelson interferometer with a reference arm containing a voice-coil delay stage and an arm which contains the optics under test. The pulse replicas are recombined and incident on a 22 × 22 lenslet array. The beamlets are focused in a 0.5 mm thick BBO crystal (cut for Type I second harmonic generation), filtered to remove the IR component of the beam and imaged using a 500 fps camera. The GVD and pulse front distortion are extracted from the temporal stack of beamlet images to produce a low resolution spatio-temporal map.

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