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State-of-the art platforms for in vivo study of disease models

The Imaging Facility hosts a broad range of clinically-relevant scanning modalities, including high-field MRI, SPECT(PET)-CT, bioluminescence, fluorescence, and ultrasound for in vivo imaging, as well as x-ray chamber and CT image-guided radiotherapy systems for therapeutic and radiobiology studies.

All systems are heavily customized, enabling high throughput multi-modal imaging and radiotherapy applications. Our animal cradles are standarized accross multi-vendor systems and are designed with integrated anesthetic gas delivery, homeothermic temperature maintenance, respiration and ECG monitoring.

Advanced real time signal processing and extensively programmable scanner controls allows rapid acquisition of very high quality cardio-respiratory motion controlled images. The combination of these technical developments allows MR-guided radiotherapy in abdominal tumours to be performed in under 30 minutes.

To simplify in vivo imaging studies, we are co-located  with our Biomedical Services Unit and  are equipped to support a wide range of animal models and user groups.


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