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We provide tools, skills and training on analysis of biomedical data. Our expertise covers areas ranging from applied statistics to computational and functional genomics.

Example plots from our analysis pipelines. One of our recent collaborative projects is described here:

The Bioinformatics Hub brings together experienced data scientists to provide advice, supervision and support for genomics, transcriptomic and epigenetic projects, while providing training to biomedical scientists.

Areas of expertise range from experimental design to advanced statistical and bioinformatics analysis of high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), single cell RNA-seq, microarray data, as well as other common omics techniques.

For project related enquiries please email:

 Bioinformatics Hub

The Bioinformatics Hub has also established a Data Science Training Platform delivering taught courses and occasion for discussion on methodologies. For news on activities and events please also follow @BioinformsHub.

Current events:

Rbio Data Analysis Course: an introductory course to transcriptomic data analysis with R. Aimed at basic and clinical researchers, it balances theory and hands-on. It introduces R programming language and Bioconductor packages. It provides an overview of methods to process, quality control and analyse microarray and RNA sequencing data to identify differentially expressed genes. More details are provided on the flier below and the web page:

The BioData Coffee Club: an informal occasion to engage in a discussion with researchers that have questions relevant to biomedical data. These events touch upon subjects such as online resources, computational tools, R packages, experimental design. If you are interested in joining please register to mailing list: 

Web Page: