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We provide expertise in computational biology ranging from applied statistics to computational and functional genomics.

Bioinformatics 1
Example of Principal Component Analysis in single-cell RNA sequencing data comparing cell populations exposed to different drugs

The Bioinformatics Hub is a newly established collaborative network and is located at the Department of Oncology, ORCRB. The mission of the Hub is to offer advice, supervision and advanced analytical support for Bioinformatics projects, while providing training to students and postdoctoral researchers. It has been conceived with a very slim and dynamic structure. Specifically, it is formed by postdoctoral research scientists with expertise in Bioinformatics working under the guide and supervision of the departmental Academic Lead for Bioinformatics, Prof Francesca Buffa. The Hub benefits from very close link with previously established research and services across the University. Areas of expertise ranges from experimental design, high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis, single cell RNA-seq analysis, microarray analysis, as well as other common bioinformatics analysis techniques.