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Flow Cytometry is a technology enabling the measurement of numerous parameters, via fluoroescence signalling, in your suspension sample of cells/particles.

Following the Departments change management protocol the Flow Cytometry Facility no longer has a dedicated specialist.

  • Groups will need to ensure that they have sufficient skill to undertake flow cytometry.
  • Users will be responsible for the routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
  • There will be no dedicated support in the Department for cell sorting or data analysis. 
  • Rhodri Wilson will be the link to Jon Webber (Kennedy) for cell sorting arrangements. One month notice is required for these arrangements. 
  • Rhodri Wilson will be the designated link to official tech support. 

The Facility has

3 analysers:

BD FACSCalibur - 2 laser (B/R) with 4 fluoroescene detectors

Attune NXT - 4 lasers (V/B/Y/R) with 14 fluoroescence detectors

CytoFlex - 2 lasers (B/R) with 8 fluoroescence detectors

and 2 sorters:

BD FACSort - 1 laser (B) with 4 fluoroescence detectors

BD Aria III - 3 lasers (V/B/R) with 11 fluoroescence detectors, allows 4 way sorts and single cell index sorting in plates.