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Flow Cytometry is a technology enabling the measurement of numerous parameters, via fluoroescence signalling, in your suspension sample of cells/particles.

Lasers in the machine will excite fluorophores, chemical dyes, or fluorescent tags causing them to emit lights at various wavelengths which is directed to a filter array and then to the photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors. Depending on which fluorescence emitter you decide to employ this allows for the measurement of protein expression, cellular proliferation, and more.

Data can be gathered on a single cell basis at a rate of thousands per second; or a particular population can be sorted, in bulk or single cell, for further experimentation such as cloning, proteomics, or single cell RNA seq.

We aim to provide each user with skilled services, education and training to achieve high quality research.

Our Facility currently has

2 analysers:

BD FACSCalibur - 2 laser (B/R) with 4 fluoroescene detectors

Attune NXT - 4 lasers (V/B/Y/R) with 14 fluoroescence detectors

and 2 sorters:

BD FACSort - 1 laser (B) with 5 fluoroescence detectors

BD Aria III - 3 lasers (V/B/R) with 11 fluoroescence detectors, allows 4 way sorts and single cell index sorting in plates.