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The PET Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacy core supports radiochemistry-dependent research programmes and provide GMP-grade PET radiopharmaceuticals for clinical trials.

The PET Radiochemistry/Radiopharmacy Core supports radiochemistry-dependent research programmes and is able to provide PET radiotracers for preclinical research. The PET Radiopharmacy Oxford (PROx) will provide GMP-grade PET radiopharmaceuticals for clinical trials.

Our state-of-the-art R&D facilities are available to develop and produce radiotracers for in vitro and preclinical research. The R&D hotlabs contains a variety of synthesis modules for automation of radiotracer production including 18F, 68Ga and 89Zr. We are able to assist with development of radiochemistry protocols and production for preclinical evaluation. The lab is further equipped with a cassette-based system replicated in the GMP production, for easy synthesis of small molecule, peptide and protein/antibody-based PET tracers. Analytical equipment (radio-HPLC, radio-TLC and gamma counter) is available for full characterisation of new tracers.

The planned addition of the cyclotron is in progress and will further widen the range of isotopes and tracers available and ensure continuous supply for clinical production.

Radiotracers for human administration will be produced in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) labs, which are currently undergoing validation, together with their adjacent GMP QC facilities. The facility and its GMP production team will provide proven PET imaging agents for trials, develop, validate and manufacture new tracer candidates.