Bubbles, ultrasound and radiotherapy: creating a new approach to drug delivery

Using funding from the CRUK–EPSRC Multidisciplinary Project Award, a team of researchers from the University of Oxford, Clinical Oncologist Professor Anne Kiltie, Biomedical Engineer Professor Eleanor Stride and Biophyscist Professor Boris Vonjovic, are sharing their respective expertise to unlock exciting new approaches in chemotherapy and radiotherapy using ultrasound.

A new DNA repair pathway discovery by the Ramadan group

Members from Kristijan Ramadan’s group  in the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute of Radiation Oncology have discovered a mechanism of how cells remove covalently attached proteins from DNA, known as DNA-protein crosslinks (DPCs). DPCs are toxic lesions and if they are not removed lead to genomic instability and cancer. However, the mechanism regarding how cells remove and repair DPCs was unknown until now.

Congratulations to our new Professors, Associate Professors and University Research Lecturers

Congratulations to:

Anne Kiltie who has been awarded the title of Professor of Experimental Clinical Oncology.

Geoff Higgins, Somnath Mukherjee, Wojciech Niedzwiedz and Andrew Protheroe who have all been awarded Associate Professorships. 

Bart Conelissen on becoming a University Research Lecturer. 


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