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Walter BodmeR

1. Bispecific monoclonal antibodies for cancer immunotherapy

2. Differentiation in colorectal cancer

Andrew Blackford

Investigating how cells repair DNA damage during mitosis

Francesca Buffa

Combining CRISPR and RNAseq to dissect molecular circuits in a hypoxic tumour microenvironment

David Clynes

Targeting telomere maintenance and repair in cancer

Vincenzio D'Angiolella

Ubiquitin signalling in the pathogenesis and therapy of glioblastoma

Amato Giaccia

The role of the AXL Receptor Tyrosine Kinase in the DNA damage response

Ester Hammond

1. Hypoxia links the unfolded proteim response with the DNA damage response.
2. Investigation of the contribution of redox stress to the therapy resistance of cells experiencing cycling oxygen levels
3. Understanding the impact of hypoxia dynamics on therapeutic response in breast cancer

Geoffrey Higgins

Pre-clinical investigations of POLQ inhibitors

Tim Humphrey

DNA repair fidelity, radiosensitivity and cancer

Shisong Jiang

1. Cross presentation of antigens of recombinant overlapping peptides to optimise vaccines against tumour and infectious diseases
2. Autoimmunity against TNF and its role in inflammatory diseases

Nick La Thangue

Translating epigenetic control into novel cancer therapeutics

Valentine Macaulay

Investigating IGF-1 as a cancer risk factor

Peter McHugh

Targeting DNA repair to overcome cancer therapy resistance

Eileen Parkes

Inflammation in the tumour microenvironment

Kristijan Ramadan

Characterisation of DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis repair in cancer and therapy

Len Seymour

Exosomes in oncolytic virotherapy

Katherine Vallis

1. Strategies to enhance efficacy of nucleotide therapeutics for targeted cancer therapy
2. Early detection of oesophageal cancer

Frank Van Den Heuvel

MROnics used in MR Linac applications