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Nominating Supervisor: Frank Van den Heuvel

Second Supervisor: Sam Vinko

The Project

The advent of clinically implemented MR Linacs generates an excess of available imaging data. This can be leveraged to predict the outcome of the treatment and provide valuable information in a biological adaptation of a patients’ treatment.

In this project we will use the latest Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools combined with a more classical model based technique to find imaging markers, singular or rate based which can be predictors.

1) Increase potential biomarker candidates by including information from MR imaging obtained during treatment;

2) Develop a strategy to combine biomarkers which enables the inclusion of quantitative and semi--quantitative data  (e.g. patient condition, general assessment);

3) Increase the data set used to investigate the mechanisms of radiation--induced tissue damage and the evolution of oxygenation, and


4) Create a clinical data set which can inform a Generative Adversary network (GAN) which can, in turn, be used to train neural networks that have been built with less detailed information.

It is clear that a suitable candidate is well versed in clinical medical physics but also would need to have a good underpinning in machine learning techniques and modern computer languages (Python, Julia, TensorFlow).

The Training

Our group combines basic physics, computer science and clinical medical physics and could later lead to opportunities in either clinical or medical environments.


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