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2022-23 DPhil Oncology Project List

  1. Adipocytes as a source of nutrition for breast cancer cells - Dr Simon Lord
  2. Understanding the effects of immunomodulatory therapies on radiation response - Dr Monica Olcina
  3. Understanding complement system dysregulation in the tumour microenvironment - Dr Monica Olcina
  4. Targeting polymerase theta as a way to improve radiotherapy and immunotherapy - Dr Geoff Higgins
  5. The crosstalk between tumour microenvironments and MAFF to determine transcriptional activation or repression - Dr Ejung Moon
  6. Understanding how DNA repair pathway choice is controlled in human cells -Andy Blackford
  7. The Artemis DNA Repair nucleases – from mechanism to therapeutic inhibition - Peter McHugh
  8. Molecular characterisation of hypoxia-induced R-loops - Ester Hammond
  9. Ubiquitin signaling in the pathogenesis and radiotherapy of glioblastoma - Vincenzo D'Angiolella
  10. Characterisation of DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis repair in cancer therapy with the focus on trapped-PARP1 toxicity - Kristijan Ramadan
  11. The regulation of Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 (MRN) complex disassembly in response to ionising radiation - Kristijan Ramadan
  12. Comprehensive analysis of the EBV genome in endemic Burkitt's Lymphoma - Anna Schuh


Please note these projects are unfunded.

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