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The department provides a comprehensive induction for all new graduate students and incorporates the following elements as detailed in the Policy on Research Degrees.

  1. facilities available for students within the department or faculty;
  2. relevant health and safety practices within the group and department or faculty;
  3. introduction to staff and their roles and an opportunity to meet socially and informally with other students and staff in the department, especially the DGS;
  4. orientation to the degree programme i.e. transfer of status, methods of assessment and examination, regulations and other requirements, as well as general processes such as annual registration;
  5. supervision arrangements, including establishing appropriate working patterns, the minimum frequency of supervision meetings and the purpose of such meetings, evaluation, monitoring and reporting procedures;
  6. wider academic opportunities (seminars, journal clubs, research networks) including opportunities for meeting other research students and staff and opportunities to present research to peers;
  7. teaching opportunities (where appropriate);
  8. skills training available within and outside the subject (see Section 6 of this policy);
  9. student welfare (in the departmental or faculty context);
  10. academic expectations of students and responsibilities of students (see Section 5 of this policy);
  11. typical challenges which may face the research student and sources of support and guidance including support for developing academic skills for research;
  12. integrity in research, intellectual property rights, and guidance on good academic practice and the avoidance of plagiarism;
  13. ethical research review processes (where appropriate);
  14. English language provision available via the Language Centre (where appropriate);
  15. how to raise concerns and/or make a complaint.