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This is a new course; the first cohort started their studies in October 2020 with graduation scheduled in 2022. As this is a new course, we don’t have any information about the career paths of our graduates yet.

It is expected that graduates will hold senior positions in a variety of roles as clinical academics, diagnosticians, scientists and clinicians in academia, health services and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Graduates may also consider a career in academic research and register for a research degree such as a PhD/DPhil. 

Our current students have told us that the reason they are taking the course is to broaden their knowledge beyond their current expertise, to have a multi-disciplinary understanding of all the elements that make up precision medicine. 

They see this broader understanding as a route to taking leadership roles, leading work across multiple sub-disciplines of precision medicine.

They also see this broad understanding and up-to-date knowledge as enabling them to respond to future developments as the field continues to evolve.