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17. how will i be assessed?

  • Extended essay of a maximum 2,500 words, during year 1 of study
  • Problem-solving assessment of a maximum 2,500 words, during year 1 of study
  • 3 hour written examination to be sat during your residential week at Oxford, during Year 2 of study
  • Dissertation of a maximum 10,000 words

For each module there will be formative coursework with feedback.

18. do i need access to participants for the completion of the dissertation?

No. Dissertations may be based on data analysis, literature review, a small primary research project or pilot for a larger piece of research, or extended essay (for example, on ethics or clinical trial design in precision medicine).

19. Will i carry out a laboratory based research project?

There is an opportunity to do this, should you wish to, as part of the course requirement to submit a dissertation. There will be a limited number of laboratory projects based in Oxford available. It is expected that these projects will require a full-time block of study (12 weeks) to accommodate the requirements of laboratory-based research. A small number of bursaries will be available to assist with the cost of travel to Oxford and accommodation. Alternatively, students may complete a desk-based project.