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20. is it possible to balance the course requirements with a full-time job?

Yes. We expect many of our students will be working full-time and undertake the course alongside their work commitments. Motivation and commitment are the most important requirements in order to manage studying alongside working.  It is the students’ responsibility to ensure their current schedule allows adequate time to devote to the course. Good forward planning is key to this. We will provide you with a year planner at the start of the course, outlining the modules and dates of lectures.  

21. what support can i get if i have additional needs?

Please speak to your personal advisor in the first instance.  The University has a Disability Advisory Service, who work with individual students and their tutors to arrange any additional support including assessment and a detailed Student Support Plan.

22. What support will i have as an online student? Who can i speak to for advice about how to manage my study?

We have a great support team for the course. Your first port of call will be the full-time course administrator. You will also have a personal advisor from among the course staff, support from your college, and a dissertation supervisor.You can also ask for help from the Teaching Fellow. Oxford University also has a range of resources to support you, including study skills, time management, academic writing. The course staff can help you identify the most suitable one’s for you.

23. can i take a study break at any point?

Under exceptional circumstances you may be able to take a break (suspension of status) in your studies. This would need to be discussed with the Teaching Fellow in the first instance and a study plan would be agreed.

24. i might be unable to make either of the scheduled tutorials, who should i inform?

Attendance is compulsory for all tutorials and the residential week. If you are unavailable for a tutorial due to illness or compassionate leave, you must notify the Graduate Studies Office as soon as possible. Permission to miss a tutorial will only be given in exceptional circumstances.