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Schedule of Assessments:

Assessments will be designed to align with the learning outcomes for each module. A variety of assessment methods will be involved in the course.

Formative assessments:

Formative assessment is an essential part of your learning, to encourage your critical thinking and your ability to evaluate your own progress. It will take a variety of forms, appropriate to the taught material and the online format, and will include three components in each module:

  • You will receive written feedback on at least one designated piece of written work per module (such as an essay) from the Module Leads and Teaching Fellow who run the online discussions.  The online discussion groups will cover material relevant to the essay, and discuss and extend the essay after marking.
  • To test your understanding of factual material each module will also include one or more online quiz, or multiple choice test, typically at the end of the module.
  • Feedback will be provided to you on the assignment(s) set as part of the online group discussions.

Summative assessments:

To meet the requirements of the course and to be awarded the Masters degree you must submit and pass two pieces of written work, an examination and the dissertation.


Year 1 June Extended Essay
August Problem-Solving Assessment
Year 2 March Examination (Oxford Residential School)
August Dissertation