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You will develop an in-depth understanding of radiation biology and its applications. After the course you will be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Fundamental radiation biology. The effects of ionising radiation on biological systems including molecular and cellular structures, tissues, organs, and malignancies. The effects include random stochastic events such as mutations, transformation and carcinogenesis after low doses of radiation, as well as deterministic events in populations of cells after high doses of radiation such as early and late tissue reactions and the response of cancers.
  • Radiation protection. The biological basis to the hazards of radiation to the human body from low doses in a radiation protection context, as well as high doses in radiation accident scenarios, radiotherapy overdoses, and potential civil threats of radiation exposure.
  • Translational radiation biology and the underlying principles applied to Radiation Oncology and how they can be used to improve the efficacy of treatment. This will include state-of-the-art and novel treatment strategies.

More generally you will:

  • be able to source, appraise and evaluate information; have a sound knowledge of data handling and interpretation and as a result be able to present reasoned arguments in both written and verbal form.
  • experience performing research in an active research laboratory, working as part of a team. You will develop advanced laboratory practical skills, including experimental design and analysis, statistics, critical assessment of resulting scientific data and problem solving.
  • work independently but have an awareness of the importance of time and resource management commensurate with an active team environment.