Research groups

Anderson Ryan

Senior Group Leader

Research Summary

Our group aims to identify novel therapies that target subgroups of lung cancer patients harbouring specific genetic changes.


Prior to coming to Oxford in 2010, Anderson was a Principal Scientist in the Cancer Discovery Department at AstraZeneca based at Alderley Park in Cheshire and before that a University Lecturer at the University of Manchester based at the CRUK Paterson Institute for Cancer Research.  He undertook post-doctoral research first at the University of Durham and then at the University of Cambridge.

He is a member of several professional organisations including the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Genetics Society.


Maryam Alkadhimi DPhil Student
Callum Beach DPhil Student
Letitia Harris DPhil Student
Yanyan Jiang Postdoctoral Researcher
Helen Manne Research Associate / Laboratory Manager
Jennifer Martin  DPhil Student
Fariha Mahfooz DPhil Student
Agata Patel Postdoctoral Researcher
Irene Sechi DPhil Student
Kay Shigemori DPhil Student
Stephen Stribbling Postdoctoral Researcher

Past visiting researchers and students

Matthew Brown
Tessa van Henten

Alana Lynch
Lina Najaf
Deen  Quwailid
William Taverner

Anna Truini
Carolin Wander


Sivan Bokobza Postdoctoral researcher
Fiona Cahill DPhil student
Ziqi Chen MSc student
Sureyya Corbacioglu Research assistant
Janine Deblasi MSc student
Aoife Devery Postdoctoral researcher
Neele Drobnitzky DPhil student
Sophie Ellermann MSc student
Hyo (Agnes) Jung MRes student
Jamie Kang MSc student
Luiza Madia Lourenco DPhil student
John Moore Postdoctoral researcher
Amalina Pg Hj Mumin DPhil student
Sam Olyha MRes student
Yasmin Shanneik Research Assistant
Elysia Traynor Research Assistant
Tom Verbiest MRes student
Rekha Wadekar Research Assistant
Anika Weber DPhil student