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Athaya Purnomo


MSc Precision Cancer Medicine Student

  • MSc Precision Cancer Medicine Student

Urology, Uro-oncology, Kidney Transplant

I joined the MSc in Precision Cancer Medicine at the University of Oxford from the eastern part of Indonesia (Malang, East Java, Indonesia) where I currently work as a Urology Resident (Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis – PPDS, Class of 2024) at the Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya, Saiful Anwar General Hospital, Malang, Indonesia. I obtained my Medical Doctor (MD) from Universitas Brawijaya with honours of summa cum laude, top-tier graduate, and the youngest graduate among my peers.

As well as my daily practice in surgery clinic, I have always been interested in research, particularly in renal transplantation, uro-oncology, endourology, and paediatric urology, and my most recent publications focus on prostate cancer research. I believe that precision medicine could be a hope for patients’ welfare and improvement, and joined the precision cancer medicine group to hone my clinical practice experience and skills. Aside from my work duties, I love visiting tranquil spaces with friends and family, with jogging, good food and good company complementing my interests. I also love to read, and often peruse self-development and well-being books in my spare time.