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Benjamin Dean

Executive Officer (Operations)

  • Chair, Oncology Public Engagement Committee
  • Secretary, Oncology Executive Committee (OEC)

As part of the Executive Operations Team, Ben oversees operational management of the Department's Scientific Research Facilities, as well as leading in projects related to Departmental governance. He is also responsible for overseeing Departmental communications across various digital media, as well as delivering the fortnightly Oncology newsletter. As secretary of the Oncology Executive Committee, Ben also provides support to realise the strategic aims of the Department, and sits on the Athena SWAN and Professional Development Committees to help execute initiatives aimed at supporting and promoting departmental inclusivity and engagement. Ben uses his experience in contract work to foster collaborations between the Department and external parties wishing to gain insight from the Department's technical and research experience, and has helped to deliver multiple service projects through his relationship with Oxford University Innovations (OUI). Ben also manages members of the Department in the IT, department equipment and Information Governance teams. 

Ben previously spent 5 years working in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, both as a Grants Administrator and Project Manager. Before that, he worked for 12 months as a projects officer for Mitacs Canada, providing support for partnerships between students and industry sponsors to find innovative solutions to research problems in the STEM community.