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Research groups

Elliot Abbott

PhD Researcher

Personalised radionuclide therapy of liver tumours

Injecting 90Y-loaded microspheres into liver tumours by their blood supply is called selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT). SIRT benefits patients because the absorbed radiation dose is better tolerated in the liver than from conventional external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). However, while EBRT dose is prescribed in advance, SIRT dose can only be measured after it has been delivered. To address this limitation, a personalised approach is needed.

Elliot's work aims to personalise SIRT by investigating:

  • clinical outcomes based on absorbed dose from SIRT
  • the radiobiology of SIRT compared to EBRT
  • topping-off undertreated areas from SIRT with EBRT
  • emerging noninvasive imaging techniques of blood perfusion to predict SIRT dose

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