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Evan Ridgeon

Trial Manager

My background is in commercially-sponsored clinical trials , gained from 3 years working in the Study Start-Up business unit of a global CRO. This included completing a graduate program which required high standards of work in 4 different teams within the business unit.

I joined the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO) in March 2019 as a Clinical Trial Administrator supporting management of the SCALOP-2 locally advanced pancreatic cancer trial. This really helped me to deepen my understanding of non-commercial oncology trials, data management and central monitoring.

Since then, I have moved on to the position of Trial Manager and worked on several trials:

Current assignments

- OcPLoreD: an observational cohort study of pre-cancerous lymphoproliferative disorders, designed to identify the clinical, genomic and immunological markers which predict the progression to malignant disease. Patients with these disorders are currently only managed by the 'watch and wait' approach in NHS standard of care.

- CEDAR: a phase I trial  of a novel IMP in combination with chemotherapy & radiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer, using the Time-to-Event Continuous Re-assessment Model (TiTE-CRM) method to assign escalated dosing and assess safety.

Previous assignments

- CHARIOT: a phase I trial involving the TiTE-CRM method to assign escalated dosing and assess safety of a novel IMP in combination with chemotherapy & radiotherapy for oesophageal cancer and  other solid tumours.