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Research groups

James Thompson

MSc, PhD

Radiation Research Scientist

I am a radiation physicist within the Biophysics Group, with expertise in radiation dosimetry and pre-clinical radiotherapy.  I am responsible for the dosimetry and commissioning of equipment, experimental design and the provision of training for new users.  I have experience in custom equipment design, including both hardware and software development.  I am also available to provide advice and support for users at any stage of their projects.

Radiation Facilities

  • Gamma (Cs-137) Cabinet Irradiator
  • Xstrahl SARRP Iradiator
  • ORCRB X-Ray Facility (250 kVp)
  • Alpha-Particle (Pu-238) Irradiator
  • Ultra-Soft X-Ray (USX ~1.5kV)