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Jannat Khan


MSc Radiation Biology Student

Exploring cooperativity when combining radionuclide therapy and radiosensitising chemotherapies

Research Summary

Jannat will be exploring the use of radionuclide therapy in combination with radiosensitising chemotherapies for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer. Her project aims to identify the reasoning for the lack of co-operativity of high potency drugs by performing assays to identify if the cause is due to differences between apoptosis and senescence. This research will determine if these differences are desirable in radionuclide combination therapy. 


Jannat holds a BSc in Physics from Queen Mary, University of London, where her final year project consisted of designing a user interface for the creation of a medical diagnostic device used to detect peripheral neuropathy.  She is the first Racial Diversity and Equality Officer at Reuben College and is responsible for celebrating the range of cultures and backgrounds Reuben represents. Outside of Academia, she has over three hundred hours of experience in outreach where she supports students from less advantaged backgrounds to pursue higher education. Her experience includes presenting at higher education fairs, hosting webinars and organising focus groups to explore the experience of BAME students at university.