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Liz Morrell


Senior Education Fellow

Educating future scientific and clinical leaders is a key element of the Department's mission to improve cancer care. In this role, I am part of a central teaching support group,  with a focus on enabling teaching activities that are relevant for students across the department.  I will also be evaluating ways to expand our current teaching, whether by creating new courses, broadening the delivery routes to enable more students to access our current teaching, or finding new ways to share our technical expertise with novel audiences. 

Before taking this role, I was part of the small team that developed the plans for the Department's new MSc in Precision Cancer Medicine, which welcomes its first cohort of students in October 2020.  Coming from a commercial management background, I enjoyed the challenge of using a wide range of my previous experiences, including teaching, financial planning, and market evaluation, in combination with educational research, to create this new course.  My experience of shepherding the proposal through the University's approval process will help us with our future developments.

I split my time between this role, and a research post in the Health Economics Research Centre, in the next door building. My research interests include patient access to cancer drugs, and antibiotic resistance, and my work focuses on patient and public beliefs and attitudes, and their effect on the demand for treatments.

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