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Mihaela Leonte

BSc Kinesio, Physiotherapy and Special Motricity

Laboratory Logistics Manager

  • Laboratory Logistics Manager - Ai-Real Study

Laboratory Logistics Manager

Mihaela (or Mickey as some of her colleagues would call her) is the Laboratory Logistics Manager for the Aggressive Infection-Related East-Africa Lymphoma Study (Ai-Real) within the Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre (OMDC),  Department of Oncology.

With a strong background in Kinesiotherapy and Special Motricity, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Her primary responsibility is ensuring seamless operations and organizational efficiency within the laboratories in Tanzania and Uganda, home-based locations of the Ai-Real Study.

As part of her role, Mihaela is also responsible for supporting the registration and opening of the new Mono-Specialised Haemato-Oncology Clinic, Serenox Africa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

This invaluable experience broadened her perspectives and deepened her understanding of the field, further fueling her drive to make a meaningful impact.

 She works with the Ai-Real & OMDC/Oncology teams to advance research and improve patient care.

Prior to this role, Mihaela has been working for the University of Oxford for 6 years within the Academic Segment as a Course Administrator and Development Officer.


  • Helene Dreau
    Helene Dreau

    Principal Clinical Scientist / Clinical NGS Core Facility Lead

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