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Oncology Education

Prarthna Clare


Teaching Fellow

  • Teaching Fellow and Director of Studies, MSc in Precision Cancer Medicine


As the Teaching Fellow and Director of Studies,  I act as the overall academic supervisor for students and monitor their progression throughout the course.

I provide academic guidance and support through multiple means such as delivery of lectures and tutorials in specialist subject matter, assessment of formative assignments, reviewing and updating course materials and design, delivery of talks on generic skills such as essay writing and academic presentations and also monitoring overall student performance. 

I did my MSc in Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow which led me to pursue a PhD in Cancer Medicine at the University of Aberdeen.

My PhD involved objectively analysing morphological and immunological changes in premalignant and malignant head and neck tissue sections, using image analysis and digital pathology. This consisted of analysing changes in cell shape and size, measuring the changes in the irregularity of the basement membrane using fractal geometry, quantification of immune infiltrates in the tumour microenvironment and analysing the role of  suppressive immune checkpoints in tumour progression.

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