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Ray Allen

IT and Information Security Manager

  • IT team management
  • Network and systems
  • Information security

About me

I started my IT career in 1997 when I joined the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics as a network and systems administrator. Years' later having worked in a variety of roles and sectors, I'm now in a role at the Oncology department which is positioned right next to the Wellcome Centre on Old Road Campus.

Operating systems have changed surprisingly little, but computers are much faster, most of us own a mobile device and the web is ubiquitous. This makes the role of managing storage and information security more challenging than ever before. Academics still want to get things done quickly and tech has the potential to help as never before, which makes this an exciting time to be in a role like mine.

My area of particular interest is cloud systems integration. I'm currently working on hybrid storage solutions using AWS and seeing how containerization can allow us to scale up services in a way previously thought not possible.