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Richard Baugh


DPhil student

Investigating novel immunotherapeutics for treatment of Glioblastoma

Research Summary

Glioblastoma is one of the most common and aggressive primary brain tumours in adults. Despite conventional therapies of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, tumours often recur. Glioblastoma is in desperate need of a novel therapy that can improve patient outcomes. 

My research, funded by Brain Research UK, is investigating using Oncolytic Viruses to treat glioblastoma. Oncolytic viruses are capable of selectively infecting and replicating within cancer cells but not healthy cells, and cause oncolysis of the cancer cells. Additionally, these viruses can be "armed" to express therapeutic proteins directly within the tumour microenvironment, which can be used to activate the patient's own immune system to eradicate the remaining cancer cells.