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Sanjay Rathee

Sanjay Rathee

Sanjay Rathee

B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD (Computer Engineering)

Research Scientist

Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Bioinformatics

Research Summary

I am a Data Scientist with eight years of experience in Big Data analytics and Machine Learning algorithms. I am particularly interested in applying the latest computing technology for real-life applications. At present, I am working as a research scientist in the Department of Oncology at The University of Oxford. I have expertise in designing machine learning models to predict the response of a cancer patient to a particular treatment based on patient gene expression data.


I received a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak and an M.Tech in Computer Engineering from Kurukshetra University. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Mandi) with majors in Big Data and Machine Learning. I earned a Gate fellowship for master and Ph.D. 

Blog posts

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