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Research groups

Shudong Li


PhD student working on DNA damage repair with a focus on DNA-Protein-Crosslinks



Studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, Trinity Hall and then continued to study for the integrated masters in Biochemistry MSci (Gerard Evan/Luca Pellegrini Lab). 


Research Focus

Working under the supervision of Prof. Krisitijan Ramadan, I have been identifying novel protein obstacles (DNA-Protein-Crosslinks) to DNA replication. These obstacles cause DNA replication stress and are often induced to kill cancer cells by current chemotherapeutics. We have been identifying how cancers repair these particular types of DNA damage with the goal of targeting novel pathways to sensitise  cancers to treatment. 



TEX264 coordinates p97- and SPRTN-mediated resolution of topoisomerase 1-DNA adducts
(Fielden et al. Nat Comm 2020)

The p97–Ataxin 3 complex regulates homeostasis of the DNA damage response E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF 8
(Singh and Oehler et al. EMBO J 2019)

Derivation of hypermethylated pluripotent embryonic stem cells with high potency
(Bao et al. Cell Research 2017)