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Sophie Betteridge


I joined the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO) as a Trial Manager in  November 2018.  Before this I worked for 5 years in the Centre of Trials Research at Cardiff University as a Trial Manager working on International Acute Myeloid Leukaemia studies.

I am currently working on the WINGMEN trial –  a Phase 0 study of IGF antibody xentuzumab in men with prostate cancer in the 3-4-week window prior to their scheduled radical prostatectomy.  The trial will test the feasibility of recruiting men with early prostate cancer, the tolerability of xentuzumab in the pre-operative setting, and will provide pre- and post- treatment samples for assessment of circulating and tissue markers of prostate cancer progression.  If effective at downregulating mediators of high IGF-1, this approach has potential to be tested for its ability to reduce the need for radical treatment in men with small cancers on active surveillance. The long-term aims are to prevent prostate cancer progression, identify biomarkers to predict who will benefit from IGF blockade, and identify key mediators that may be targets for risk reduction.