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Tom Brown

Professor of Nucleic Acid Chemistry

  • Associate Head (Research) - Department of Chemistry
  • Head of Nucleic Acids Research Group

Research Summary

My research interests centre on DNA sequence recognition and applications of DNA and RNA chemistry in biology, diagnostics, forensics and medicine.


Tom is the co-founder of three Biotech companies (Oswel, ATDBio and Primer Design) and has published over 360 research papers and patents. He has received several awards including the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Josef Loschmidt prize, the RSC award for Nucleic Acid Chemistry and the RSC prize for Interdisciplinary Research. He was Chemistry World entrepreneur of the year for 2014 and BBSRC Commercial Innovator of the Year and overall Innovator of the Year for 2016. Recently he was presented with a lifetime award for external engagement and promoting impact by Oxford University.

Tom is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is outgoing President of the Chemistry Biology Interface Division of the RSC and Editor-in-Chief of the RSC Book series on Chemical Biology.

Tom is Associate Head of the Chemistry Department at Oxford with responsibility for Research.

Group Members

Siobhan Cunniffe, Research Assistant