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Induction to the course

You will be provided with a comprehensive induction to the course. This will comply with the requirements of University's Policy and Guidance on Postgraduate Taught Courses, and will include the following:

  •  Online Welcome Party to get to know your fellow students and staff and to practice using the conferencing software;
  • Introduction to your Academic Supervisor (Course Faculty) and Personal Adviser (College);
  • Introduction to small group exercises online that form an integral part of the course;
  • Briefing on informal student interaction outside the online classroom (eg WhatsApp, Facebook);
  • Orientation to the course including methods of your assessment and examination and University regulations;
  • IT skills and equipment required to support the delivery of your course;
  • Use of University libraries and reference management;
  • Academic integrity and your avoidance of plagiarism;
  • Study skills including essay writing;
  • Overview of the University's Student Welfare services available to support you when things don't go to plan or when you need a bit of extra support.

Induction materials will include a variety of formats including recorded lectures, live group introductory sessions, welcome letters, reading material (including Course Handbook) and skills training videos.

Total time required is expected to be 5-8 hours (depending on the level of skills training or additional support needed).