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The MSc in Applied Cancer Science is a one-year, full-time course, designed to prepare students for careers in cancer science research, whether in academia or industry. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


This course aims primarily to prepare students for careers in cancer science research, whether in academia or industry. Students will develop the necessary skills for doctoral research in cancer science, including laboratory techniques and research skills. The course is designed mainly for new graduates in biomedical sciences, biochemistry, cell biology and related subjects; it will also appeal to medical students wishing to specialise in cancer, either as an intercalated year or before starting their studies, and to mature students looking to enhance their expertise for career progression.

The course is firmly rooted in three core research areas: DNA damage and repair, the tumour niche, and tumour immunology. The content focuses on fundamental cancer science in these areas, and on using that science in cutting-edge research towards future therapies. 

The MSc leadership team is comprised by:

  • Professor Eric O'Neill, Course Director, Director of Education, and Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Department of Oncology.
  • Dr Kerry Fisher, Deputy Course Director, Associate Professor, Department of Oncology. 
  • Dr Marco Pontecorvi, Director of Studies and Teaching Fellow, Department of Oncology. 

This course is offered for the 2023/24 academic year subject to final approval by the University.